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Vorto is an all-in-one platform for your Web3 and blockchain-enabled games. Create, manage and monetize your digital in-game items as NFTs or tradable consumable items.

The Vorto platform offers easy-to-use API integrations, a branded customizable store experience along with a peer-to-peer trading marketplace helping developers rapidly build their in-game economies.

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Get the most from your gaming with Vorto, play through game levels, and earn items that can be used in-game or traded with other players directly on the Vorto platform

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Vorto offers an easy way for game developers to turn in-game items into tradable assets and create an online storefront with a peer-to-peer marketplace. Monetize your game by creating tradable in-game items.


Tailor to Fit Your Game

Customize the storefront to fit your game’s look & feel and start selling in-game items to your players. Reward your players with NFTs or use crafting mechanics to let players create new items through gameplay that can be traded between players on the marketplace.

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One Service for NFTs and In-game Items

Vorto platform gives you access to all the tools you need to create and manage your tokenized items. Your dashboard lets you track how game items are performing while monitoring sales, all in a single location.

With the Vorto APIs, you can effortlessly check players’ inventories through their Vorto Account and what items they own. This makes it simple for your game to perform item management without having to integrate with crypto wallets or a blockchain directly.

A Single Platform for Your Digital In-game Assets

Design, manage, and sell your digital in-game assets using a single integrated platform. Sell items directly to your players or enable trading between players on the marketplace.

API Integration

With our robust and simple APIs, you can quickly integrate your games with the Vorto platform and start creating tokenized digital items.

Alternative to Traditional IAP and Digital Store

Tokenized digital assets are an alternative to traditional IAP or digital stores for monetizing games. You can give your players true ownership of the items they purchase and you get to decide what terms and rights are associated with each item you create.

A new way to play

Get rewarded with digital in-game items when you complete challenges in the games on Vorto platform. Craft new items that you can use to your advantage in a game or trade with other players on the marketplace.

Vorto Account

Anyone can start playing on Vorto - it’s just like starting any normal game. The Vorto account keeps track of the player's inventory of in-game items received as rewards, crafted or purchased across different games. No crypto wallet or prior experience required to start.

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