We are Vorto

Vorto is on a mission to create a platform for game developers to monetize their games using tokenized in-game assets. The Vorto platform gives game developers an opportunity to create in-game assets that can confer ownership and usage rights inside and outside a game, and that players can trade between each other.

Vorto is building tools for game developers
to quickly start creating tokenized in-game items as NFTs.

Using our platform that combines APIs for item creation and management with built-in Store and Marketplace for in-game items into a single solution for monetizing games.

For players, Vorto provides a user-friendly entrypoint to blockchain-enabled gaming and a doorway to start exploring Web3.

Vorto believes that games can benefit from giving players more direct and true ownership over in-game assets, and what they can do with those, compared to traditional microtransactions and in-app purchases.

Giving players new ways to benefit from the time they spend playing a game and how they contribute to a game’s world can help deepen their bond with that game, thus benefiting both the developer and players.

Come build with us!
Vorto is fostering the development of a network games in the Web3 space.

We partnered with the most prominent players in the game

Join us now to build the new era of gaming